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Our Facility

Located in the heart of Beverly, our state-of-the-art early education and childcare center houses up to 250 children per year, ages one month to 13 years old.

Our Classrooms

We have 10 fully equipped classrooms that have recently been updated with new materials and all-natural furnishings. Our classrooms provide a calming environment for our students, and are nature-inspired to support our educational goal to connect our students to nature and the environment that surrounds them.

Our Facility was intentionally built out to incorporate lots of natural light and fresh air through its many large doors and windows. Each classroom has an egress directly to the outside for added safety in the event of an emergency. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic our ventilation system has been upgraded and includes needlepoint ionization technology to provide cleaner air and trap viruses and bacteria.

We also use ZONO Technology to disinfect and sanitize toys and classroom materials without the use of toxic chemicals.

Early Education Classrooms

  • Infant Room
  • Infant/Toddler room
  • Toddler room
  • Toddler/Preschool room

Preschool Classrooms

  • 2 Classrooms for children ages 2yr9mo – 4 years old
  • 1 PreK classroom for children ages 4-6

School Age Classrooms

  • 1 Young school age classroom
  • 2 Older school age classrooms

Our All-Natural Playground

In 2018, BCLC raised $500,000 through a capital campaign to complete the all-natural outside learning, recreational and activity environment that wraps around the building. The outdoor learning and play space consists of 25,056 square feet of open, natural area. Foothills and small berms have been incorporated, and learning elements like observation decks, caves, tunnels, climbing walls and rock scrambles allow for multiple outdoor learning experiences for all age groups at BCLC. Water features such as hand pumps and mud kitchens, large garden areas and open spaces for running also are incorporated.

We have partnered with several organizations that provided training for our educators on how to incorporate our playground and surrounding environment into their curriculum. With a heavy emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), we have had great success integrating our natural environment in our educational model.

Outdoor Classroom

In 2022, we completed our outdoor classroom, located in the front of the building. Our students can enjoy outdoor projects that further their connection with the environment.

To learn more about our facilities, schedule a tour!

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Our Impact

Providing everyone in our community the opportunity to access high-quality education and care for 50 years


With a dedicated Board, Executive and Administrative staff, Beverly Children’s Learning Center has operated for 50 years offering the highest quality of education and care