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Programs & Services

BCLC is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) to serve 163 children from ages one month to age 13: 94 in early education and 69 in the year-round school-age program.

Our core programs are early education (infants, toddlers, and preschool), school-age and family engagement and support. BCLC provides enrichment activities through a variety of venues, such as weekly interest clubs, including visual and dramatic arts, physical fitness activities, socialization opportunities, homework assistance and off-site educational excursions to foster the social and emotional development of the students.

Ages birth – 2yr 9mo

Infant & Toddler

The littlest members of BCLC are enveloped into a safe and welcoming environment – with a focus on building social emotional skills and fostering an early connection to nature-based learning in this classroom.

Ages 2yr 9mo – 6 years


Our preschool children spend their time in one of three developmentally appropriate classrooms. We fully equip our students for daily fun-filled and engaging STEM inquiry, environmental stewardship, social interaction, and expressive art exploration. Be warned-they may not want to leave at the end of the day!

Kindergarden – 6th grade

School Age (ASOST)

Our School Age programming is a collaborative effort between BCLC, our students’ families, and the elementary and middle schools. Hands-on education is the focus of this program, consisting of themed clubs of their choosing. They are usually having so much fun, they forget that they are actually still learning!

All ages

Family Childcare

Our Family Childcare (FCC) homes are located throughout our local North Shore and Cape Ann cities and towns. Children from infancy through young school age spend their days in an enriching environment, engaged in daily curriculum designed to meet each child’s individual and unique developmental needs.

Nutrition Program

An on-site chef is employed to ensure that the children attending will receive at least four servings of fresh fruits and vegetables through a well-rounded daily menu that includes breakfast, a balanced lunch, afternoon snack, and a full dinner for school-age children coming in from school, tailored to meet any dietary requirements or restrictions.

Children’s good health is a priority, so we schedule regular physical fitness activities daily, encourage healthy food choices, and also provide access to mental, physical, and oral health screenings.

Family Engagement at BCLC

BCLC assists families with job searches, enrollment in Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) classes and college, referrals for needed therapeutic services, as well as providing a connection to community and social resources for housing, food, clothing, and access to healthcare care and insurance. Families work with staff and educators to create family social activities, support groups, and training opportunities.

Transportation Services

BCLC provides transportation services via our own bus and vans, driven by our on-staff drivers. We transport all Beverly School Age students from their public or private school to our campus daily. We also offer transportation locally for infants, toddlers, and preschool age children to BCLC in the morning and including school age children back home at the end of their day. Spaces are limited for home transportation and are first prioritized for qualifying families who meet income and distance guidelines. If room is then available, families who do not qualify for free service may be eligible for paid transportation. Please inquire for further details.

Our Facilities

We offer state-of-the-art facilities that include classrooms which have been newly updated with all-natural, sturdy wood furniture which coincides with our theme of bringing the “outdoors in”. Classroom materials have also been recently upgraded and replaced. Each class has its own exit leading directly to the outside environment. This elevates the level of safety offered at our center.

Our all-natural outside learning, recreational, and activity environment wraps around the building. This outdoor classroom consists of 25,056 square feet of open natural area. Foothills and small berms have been incorporated, and learning elements like observation decks, caves, tunnels, climbing walls and rock scrambles allow for multiple outdoor learning experiences for large numbers of children. Water features such as hand pumps and mud kitchens, large garden areas and open spaces for running are also incorporated. All of our classrooms have doors that lead directly to this outdoor playscape.

We have a new outdoor classroom that is located right outside of our Out-of-School Time program area, accessible through large sliding doors that dually provide easy transition to the outdoor learning space, as well as allowing for an abundance of natural light to brighten our indoor classroom space . Educators utilize this area for school projects that include nature inspired STEM exploration and expressive art activities.