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Our Impact

In 2023, Beverly Children’s Learning Center is celebrating 50 years serving over 13,000 children from Beverly and the surrounding areas.

Nutrition as a priority

Serving over 100,000 meals per year, we ensure that every child receives at least 4 servings of fresh fruits/vegetables in the 3 meals/snacks that they are served each day – at no charge for our families. We also have a farm to table program, teaching children gardening basics and connecting them with healthy eating. Each classroom has their own garden beds and every child participates in some aspect of gardening.

When food is ready to harvest, children get to experience the full-circle nature of this program, preparing and eating the food they’ve grown. We are working to reduce waste at BCLC; so we have introduced composting to the kids and use food waste that we compost to fertilize our gardens. This is a once in a lifetime experience for many of our children, and our hope is that they will integrate their love for healthy foods in their lives beyond BCLC.

Connecting with our Environment

We are uniquely equipped to connect our students to the environment, using our over 25,000 sq feet of all natural play space, abutting an additional 2.25 acres of protected wetlands. Our educators are trained to integrate the outdoors with our educational focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), as well as with building on social-emotional learning, mindfulness practices, good earth stewardship, and mental and physical health wellness. Additionally, we have an outdoor classroom that allows teachers to do creative projects.


We provide support services to help our most vulnerable children. We have an on-site social worker, and a visiting nurse to ensure the health and safety of each child. In addition, we connect families with identified needs to partnering community services, such as mental and physical health evaluations and therapies, food, fuel assistance, housing, furniture, as well as other necessary household items,clothing, training, education, and career obtainment.

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Our Facilities

We own a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Beverly


With a dedicated Board, Executive and Administrative staff, Beverly Children’s Learning Center has operated for 50 years offering the highest quality of education and care